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Archive for June, 2010

This week is sides…

I realised yesterday that apart from the fact that I haven’t been shopping this week, I also have a freezer full of food that should probably be eaten before we head of to Peru. I examined the goods, and none of it fits into the recipes I have left to cook. So not to be […]

A vegetarian dish for meat eaters!

Tonight’s blog was going to be titled “A good way to use leftovers” but it actually turned out better than that.  I was going to have a night off Jamie, as it’s Monday and it’s usually leftovers night, but I had a good nights sleep last night (I didn’t stay up for the England game!) […]

A round up of week 4…

I’m managing to cook something from the book most days, and sometimes I even manage two dishes so I don’t mind having the odd day off. This week I’ve managed to cook two soups – one tasted great (the minestrone – p17) the other was a little unusual, but that’s the whole point of doing […]

Dad, this one’s for you!

Jamie is taking a back seat tonight, providing the accompanying sauce and vegetables, which leaves my favourite roast for main – roast pork belly.  So Dad, as you’re always asking me how I do it, here is my step-by-step recipe.  Please note I am not a professional cook book writer so I can’t guarantee the […]

You can't beat a good roast!

We love winter! Not that we don’t love summer but after 3 months of it being too hot to put the oven on and about 6 months where you have to think very carefully about how long you want to put on the oven on for, we love it when the weather turns and we […]


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