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Archive for June, 2010

Dessert Disaster!

Well not quite a disaster, but it certainly didn’t turn out like it should. Which is why I don’t do desserts, apart from the fact the Gra and I both prefer savoury, you have to be more accurate with desserts and there are too many things that can go wrong. As it was a Saturday […]

posh fish & chips

Well page 95 of Jamie Oliver’s ‘The Naked Chef’ brings us to Seared Encrusted Tuna Steak with Fresh Coriander and Basil. So home-made chunky chips, peas and tuna on a Friday night it was! We had to go out to the doctors to get Yellow Fever jabs for our upcoming trip to Peru (part of […]

sausage and mash

Well Nic was curled up on the sofa (lounge to you Aussies!) so it was my turn to cook. This usually happens at the weekends only, because I tend to drag the cooking time out by a factor of at least two! So it was nice to have a recipe for…… mash potato put in […]

Tonight's offering…

…was risotto. The very same recipe that first got us into risotto 10 years ago, which has now become an almost weekly staple. Well the basic recipe is the tried and tested then I vary it with different flavours. Since I haven’t looked at the recipe for a good 9 years I thought I should […]

Yes it's true…

As Graham so rightly pointed out I have a new hair brained scheme! I have been inspired by a movie. Sadly I have not decided to save our planet; adopt an African orphan; or work for a voluntary aid charity overseas – I’m far too selfish for all of that! Instead I have decided to […]


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