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Archive for December, 2010

A review of the Naked Chef as cooked by Nic

So I managed to cook 95% of the recipes in the Naked Chef so  I think that qualifies me to write a review, so chapter by chapter, here is how the Nic and Jamie project panned out.

Overgrown Summer Squash

I got a bit enthusiastic in the garden centre and ended up buying a few things without really knowing what I was buying. One of those was a type of summer squash, which I thought was the funny little yellow things I see in the supermarket. So once they started growing I keenly waited for […]

The final recipe!

I think I’m done! Well as done as I’m going to be! 6 months of cooking, and 133 out of 140 recipes, that’s not a bad effort and I think I have legitimate reasons for not cooking the recipes I haven’t cooked. 95% – you can’t be disappointed with that!

Desserts – Done!

Of all the sections this was the one that I thought I wouldn’t finish, but alas, cooking my way through the Naked Chef has helped me to develop a bit of a sweet tooth! Which I’m not sure is a good thing!

Meat – Done!

I was thinking I was going to have to admit defeat with the meat recipes as the final one to cook was boiled ham. But with Christmas around the corner I was able to find the Australian equivalent of gammon (pickled pork) at the butcher, and with a day off work I set the ham […]


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