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Archive for February, 2011

Sustainable Prosciutto

The Charcutepalooza challenge is not just about curing meat, but also about using sustainable, humanely treated meat.  So when I was thinking about how I could apply this to my cooking, the first thing I thought of was kangaroo. Living in the land Down Under this is one of the few native meats.  Lamb, beef, […]

Charcutepalooza Challenge #1 – Duck Prosciutto, or Beak to Tail Feather Eating

I love duck! I find it hard to go past duck on a restaurant menu – I’ve been buying whole ducks for years and turning them into many gourmet delights, so even before I signed up to this challenge, my first venture into the world of charcuterie was always going to be duck prosciutto. Sadly, […]

Charcutepalooza Challenge #2 – Bacon!

Well actually this is challenge number 1 for me, but the official challenge number 1 (duck prosciutto) is well on the way and should be ready any time soon; more on that another day, for now back to the bacon! When I heard about the Year of Meat (AKA Charcutepalooza) I just had to be […]

Saturday Baking

For those who know me well, you know that baking is my least favourite part of cooking, but if I’m going to complete my Jamie project I have to do recipes that I wouldn’t normally dream of cooking, and today was one of those days.  Graham is cooking an early Valentines day meal, so I […]

Finally, we made it to Eveleigh Markets

This is another of those things I’ve been meaning to do for months, but the Charcutepalooza challenge gave me the kick up the backside to do it.  We finally made it to the Eveleigh Markets last Saturday morning to seek out some top quality, humanely raised meat.  I’m not quite sure what the definition of […]


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