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Archive for March, 2011

Rainy Sydney Saturday and Two Recipes for Homemade Sausage

What do you do on a rainy Sydney Saturday? Well you could go to the aquarium, or you could go to a museum, or you could go to the cinema (I’ll save that for a rainy, Sydney Sunday), so failing all that I cook.¬† It can get a bit hot in Sydney in summer for […]

I’ve gone meat mad!

In the real world I work with children with Autism. For any of you who knows anyone with Autism you will know that many people with Autism have similar personality traits. People with Autism tend to have a special interest; they often like to stick to a routine; their special interest is often a large […]

Charcutepalooza Challenge #3 Corned Beef Experimental Sunday

I love my friends.¬† Back in 2006, when I told people that I was making the move from Manchester, England to Sydney, Australia¬† someone actually said to me “you’ll never make any friends”. Well how wrong they were. I found a fabulous group of friends who I feel I’ve known and loved for much longer […]


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