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Archive for August, 2011


I did it! I almost didn’t bother, but after my weekend plans changed, it freed up the time necessary to embark on the huge task of making and decorating a cake.  You must know by now that I don’t do things by halves so my first attempt at decorating a cake was a recreation of […]

Paperchef #60 Lamb, Flour and Goats Cheese

What would you do with lamb, flour and goats cheese? The idea of Paper Chef is to create a recipe from three randomly selected ingredients and follow a theme. I love the idea of this challenge! Lamb, flour and goats cheese are the ingredients for this month and the theme is ‘A’. I went with […]

Charcutepalooza #8 Binding

The August challenge is binding; combining meat to make a terrine. I’ve been looking forward to this one. I have been making meat for 8 months now as part of the Charcutepalooza Year of Meat. When I first got the book, the terrine chapter was the one that got me excited because it was something […]

Lunch at Quay Restaurant, Sydney

I have been waiting a very long time for this day.  Dinner at Quay Restaurant has been a must do for the last few years, so I chose a suitably fitting occasion (11th wedding anniversary) to try my luck for a table. It is getting increasingly difficult to book a table for two on a […]

The Perfect Roast Potatoes

Despite all my fancy pants cooking, the one thing I get the most compliments for and the most questions asked about, are my roast potatoes.  I’m even famed for them at work and most of my colleagues haven’t even tried them.  I’m not sure I should be proud of the reason my roasties are famous […]


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