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Archive for August, 2012

Cheesepalooza #1: Low Fat Ricotta

Just as I got into the swing of home cheese making I was hit with the news that I had to reduce the bad fat that I cook with and feed my husband in order to try and reduce his cholesterol level.  There goes my cheese making, unless I can find a way of making […]

Cooking with Yoghurt and a Recipe for Gozleme

Thanks to the team at Chobani, I was lucky enough to receive a free sample of Chobani yoghurt recently.  In amongst the flavoured yoghurt (which I don’t care for much) were two huge tubs of 2% fat Greek yoghurt and a smaller 0% fat tub.  When I say I don’t care for flavoured yoghurt, it’s […]

Berry Nice to Meet You: Chocolate Cake with Raspberries

With the news that we have to lower the fat intake in our house I wasn’t sure whether I would be able to continue with the Sweet Adventures Blog Hop. As a relative newbie to baking I’m not particularly confident when it comes to inventing or adapting dessert recipes.  Instead of being defeated though, I […]

Masterchef Pop-Up Restaurant at Bar H, Surry Hills

It takes a lot to tear me away from my blanket and heater on a winter’s night but the thought of someone else cooking dinner for me for a change is a good start.  When those people cooking dinner are three MasterChef finalists, I’m there without a second thought.  Mindy, Audra and Kylie from MasterChef […]

Sweetcorn Fritters, A Healthy Weekend Breakfast

This week we got the news that I have to alter my cooking habits.  We eat a good range of fresh produce, I never use ready made meals and I cook everything from scratch but admittedly my diet is not always that healthy.  I am partial to roast potatoes cooked in duck fat, creamy sauces […]


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