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Archive for September, 2012

5:2 Zucchini and Asparagus Salad

Twice a week my new quest is to find meals that satisfy my need to eat but contain 300 calories or less.  I reached the point in my life where I needed to diet, but as an avid food lover I wasn’t wiling to compromise on taste. This led me to the 5:2 diet (you […]

Cheesepalooza #2: Chevre

On my quest to invent my own cheese I am taking the Cheesepalooza challenge, teaching myself to make cheese one step at a time, with my Mary Karlin book under one arm and my internet buddies at the end of the other.  This months recipe was a lesson in patience.  The chosen recipe was Chevre […]

Getting Saucy in the Kitchen: Strawberry and Vodka Sauce

This month plan-A didn’t work. I baked a chocolate steamed pudding for the Sweet Adventures Blog Hop and the end result was distinctly average and the chocolate sauce split. I tried three times, first I blamed the low fat milk, then I blamed the heat, either way the end result was not what I had […]

The 5:2 Diet or a Diet for Foodies

I have been fortunate enough to escape the need to diet for a considerable number of years.  I was blessed with a genetically slim figure in my early twenties, but was always told I’d get fat at 40 like the other female members of my family.  What no-one bargained for was that my love of […]

Cheesepalooza Extra: Low Fat Paneer and a Recipe for Spinach and Tomato with Paneer

I have made paneer (or Panir as Mary calls it) before courtesy of a recipe by Jamie Oliver, but in the spirit of Cheesepalooza I thought I’d give Mary Karlin’s recipe a go.  I also thought it would be a good idea to try this one as it’s another low fat cheese recipe.  The first […]


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