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Welcome to my Sydney food blog, Nic Cooks. I love to eat, cook and write about all things food.  I am a Pom Down under, having moved from Manchester to Sydney in 2006. I have a keen interest in making good food, at home from scratch. 2011 was the Year of Meat as I took part in a home charcuterie challenge AKA Charcutepalooza. I ended up as one of the 10 finalists, which was very exciting.  2012 is going to be the Year of Cheese! I will continue with my charcuterie projects but I’m also hoping to master the art of cheese making.

There is also a definite British edge to my cooking, as I have become particularly patriotic about British food since moving away from the Motherland.  And now I have my backyard chooks expect to see plenty of recipes that celebrate the wonderful quality of the eggs.

I’ve not always liked to cook, in fact, aged 7, having failed miserably to peel a potato, I declared that I was going to marry a man like my Dad who would do all my cooking and cleaning! But after getting married when I was a student, it was me who had the time to watch the cooking shows and do the experimenting. Coupled with the Jamie Oliver cook books I received as a wedding present, I didn’t look back, and the rest, as they say, is history!

Now I continually strive to seek out new recipes, new techniques and work out how to cook the amazing dishes I love to eat at the increasingly more expensive restaurants I have to visit to compete with the home cooking. What with the restaurants, cook books, gadgets and fancy ingredients, it’s an expensive habit to keep, but one my husband, Graham is happy to indulge.

Thank you for visiting my blog, and I hope you’ll come back soon. If you like what you read, please leave a comment on the blog, I love to know that people are reading, especially if you have tried one of the recipes.

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All of the information on this website is my own opinion. I am not a professional food writer or critic, I just enjoy sharing my food experiences with the world.




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