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Christmas in July

I don’t want to be a whinging Pom, but the the thing that took the longest to get used to when I moved from Manchester to Sydney was celebrating Christmas in the sun.  Everything I associate with Christmas revolves around it being cold and dark.  Christmas is about late night shopping in the dark  streets […]

I’ve gone meat mad!

In the real world I work with children with Autism. For any of you who knows anyone with Autism you will know that many people with Autism have similar personality traits. People with Autism tend to have a special interest; they often like to stick to a routine; their special interest is often a large […]

Overgrown Summer Squash

I got a bit enthusiastic in the garden centre and ended up buying a few things without really knowing what I was buying. One of those was a type of summer squash, which I thought was the funny little yellow things I see in the supermarket. So once they started growing I keenly waited for […]

Squash Sex!

We grew Zucchini/courgette* last summer with minimal success. They would get to 5 or 6 centimetres long and then they would shrivel up and die, very few made it to full size which was a bit of a disappointment after we had loads from one plant, planted in a grow-bag in Manchester.  So when the […]

Best of British!

I’ve had a fantastic week of British cooking so I thought I’d share the results. As a Pom Down Under I’m always trying to persuade my friends that British cooking isn’t as bad as they think. And I genuinely think I’m winning them round!


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