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Broccoli and Blue Cheese Soup

I love the change is seasons. Sydney is currently changing from summer to winter. Coming from the Northern Hemisphere I am used to four distinct seasons in a year, but in Sydney I think we only really get two seasons: summer and winter. The change from summer to winter is usually quite a gradual change.  […]

5:2 Diet Update and a 5:2 Stir Fry Recipe

Back in September 2012 I decided enough was enough and it was time to deal with the kilograms that had slowly attached themselves to my waistline, cheeks and chin.  Over the years, as my cooking skills have increased, so has my waistline and my husbands cholesterol levels.  Learning to make bacon and cheese was a […]

100 Calorie Lunch Snacks for the 5:2 Diet

When I started this diet it was winter and I was quite happy that my 100 calorie lunch would consist of soup but as the days are getting hotter the soup is less and less appealing so I had to turn my hand to other options.  It has been fairly easy to find a range […]

Cheesepalooza Extra: Cabecou

I’m making cheese at home, you all know that by now. I completed the Cheesepalooza challenge for September but as with last month I decided to do a bit extra.  I think in some ways I am more hooked on the cheese making process than the actual eating of the cheese.  Don’t get me wrong, […]

5:2 Zucchini and Asparagus Salad

Twice a week my new quest is to find meals that satisfy my need to eat but contain 300 calories or less.  I reached the point in my life where I needed to diet, but as an avid food lover I wasn’t wiling to compromise on taste. This led me to the 5:2 diet (you […]


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