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I did it! I almost didn’t bother, but after my weekend plans changed, it freed up the time necessary to embark on the huge task of making and decorating a cake.  You must know by now that I don’t do things by halves so my first attempt at decorating a cake was a recreation of a t-shirt design for the the Threadcakes annual cake decorating competition.  I don’t for a minute think I have a chance of winning but it was definitely fun trying.

Cookies was my second choice for the design. I discovered my first choice had already been done, and not done, but done very well.  Initially the design seemed fairly straightforward, just a series of circles, but I hadn’t appreciated how I would get the 3D circles into the cake itself.

The other problem with making a cake is that I’m not a huge fan of eating it. I had to go all out and make a full on chocolate mud cake and cover it with chocolate ganache. Not for anyone who is on a diet, that’s for sure.  I was going to make cupcakes for the cookies, but once I had cut the eyes from the first cake, I decided I liked the uniform look of the perfectly formed cylinders, so I made a second mud cake, only it was white chocolate the second time.

I usually like to type my story for each blog post, but I think I’m going to let the photos do the talking for my first cake decorating experience.

The mud cake is pretty much pure chocolate.

I put my GCSE art skills into practice. I couldn’t draw but I managed to get an A* for my 3D modelling skills.

At this stage I was pretty pleased with how easily the cake was coming together. It also helped that the actual cake baked well.

Yet more chocolate went into the ganache. At this point I stopped counting how much I had spent. I now know why wedding cakes cost so much.

Putting the ganache on the cake was not as easy as I’d hoped and this was not the smooth base I had in mind.

Starting to assemble, except I forgot I had to cut out the eye sockets until after I had covered in ganache.

Then came the icing.  This part was actually easier than I thought. Especially as I bought the blue icing. I didn’t think I could achieve any where near this colour myself.

I had to bake the second mudcake too.

The cookies were easy. Cut out the cake and pipe chocolate ganache chips.

It’s starting to look how I intended it too.

With a little bit of staging it looked like this.

And then I had to cut into it.  I would have looked at it for a few days more but for the competition deadline I had to take a photo of me cutting into it and eating it to prove it was cake and not polystyrene.

It was very blue, but tasted good.

I think I would make another cake, but it’s not something I will be doing on a regular basis.


Comment from Ramen Raff
Time August 22, 2011 at 8:24 am

Wow!!! This looks amazing!

Comment from nic
Time August 22, 2011 at 7:10 pm

Thanks Raff, it did taste pretty good, but if you look closely it wouldn’t wine any prizes, too many finger prints!

Comment from Sam
Time August 25, 2011 at 8:12 am

Why? god why? did my phone have to die on the threadless cake day? That could have been me sampling that chocolatey goodness not Graham. The cake looked amazing, and I’m sure it would have tasted even better.

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