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A round up of week 4…

Tray Baked Salmon

I’m managing to cook something from the book most days, and sometimes I even manage two dishes so I don’t mind having the odd day off. This week I’ve managed to cook two soups – one tasted great (the minestrone – p17) the other was a little unusual, but that’s the whole point of doing this experiment, to cook things I wouldn’t ordinarily try and sometimes it works out well, and I’ll definitely cook the dish again (like the tuna), and other times I have to put it down to experience. So the aubergine/egg plant soup (delete word as appropriate p19) was one to put down to experience and perhaps not do again!

There was also an African lamb curry (p111), also with aubergine, that worked out well. I would never have picked this dish, for a start there’s not even a picture! But I followed the instructions, even though I thought it was a bit strange, and it worked out really well. Unfortunately I didn’t take photos of this one, but I wish I had because the before and after was quite a change. Sorry Jamie, but I struggled to believe that skinned and de-seeded tomatoes with no liquid (not even any wine) would make a curry sauce, but sure enough after simmering for an hour there was a delicious curry sauce. In fact it was so good Graham polished off the leftover portion that I was planning on saving for my lunch. Graham has requested this is a “do again dish”.

Home Grown Squash

Roast Squash

There has also been a new pasta and risotto dish. I didn’t take photos of them because the photos don’t seem to be doing the dishes justice, often looking like a pile of cat sick, but they really are tasting good. The leek and mascarpone pasta was rich but tasty. Graham did the honours with this one, which was nice to have a night off! Then there was the roast butternut squash and mascarpone rissotto. The roast squash was fantastic, it really was a fitting way to cook one of the dwarf squash we have produced in the garden, but the mascarpone part was a bit rich, so next time I will be leaving out that bit and drizzling with truffle oil instead :)


Squash Tortellini

The highlight of the week so far was Saturday lunch. We were having a lazy weekend so I thought I’d make the effort to do another dessert, as these really are my weak spot. I also thought I’d treat us to some squash tortellini (p75) with the other squash from the garden! It’s funny that we get much more excited by savoury than sweet. I’ve nailed ravioli but I’ve been shying away from the tortellini as they are a bit more complicated, but now I think I’ve nailed them too, and lunch was a rip roaring success, even the steamed pudding dessert (p209). No disasters this week, just a moist, gooey chocolate pudding, yum!


So I’m nearing the end of week 4 and I’m about 45 recipes in, although that’s give or take a few recipes as I lost count whilst supervising Graham’s brunch offering of omelette, but however many I’ve done I think I’m about a third of the way through book 1. A good start and I’ve not lost enthusiasm yet!

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