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A vegetarian dish for meat eaters!


Tonight’s blog was going to be titled “A good way to use leftovers” but it actually turned out better than that.  I was going to have a night off Jamie, as it’s Monday and it’s usually leftovers night, but I had a good nights sleep last night (I didn’t stay up for the England game!) and a good day at work so I came home inspired to cook.  It still had to be leftovers, as I didn’t quite manage to shop yesterday after the TTW dinner dance, but I thought I’d make fresh pasta, with herbs, to tick off another recipe.  So tonight’s dish was herb pappardelle, with a porcini, thyme and tomato sauce.

The leftover element to this dish was actually pretty much all of it!  I had a tub of tomato sauce in the freezer from about day one when I made meatballs; there was mascarpone still leftover from the two dishes I made last week, which was just about edible; and there were the dregs of porcini left in the back of the cupboard that have been there for more weeks than I care to mention.

I could’ve cheated and used dry pasta, but I had a bit of time to kill and I was intrigued by the pasta variations on offer. These include herb, spinach, pepper and beetroot. With the lack of shopping done, the herb one was easy as we still have a plentiful crop in the garden. The verdict on herbs: it colours the pasta green; makes it harder to roll; and unless eating the pasta with no sauce you can’t really taste the difference.  You also can’t see the difference when you team it with tomato sauce! So it’s a good job I’m in a good mood tonight (also helped by the sparkly engagement ring and wedding ring I had re-polished today!).

So back to the title of this blog, apart from the overjoyed satisfaction I had from using up some leftovers, the sauce actually tasted like it had meat in due to the texture of the dried mushrooms, and it really was quite tasty. So I will definitely be saving this one for the day I have to entertain vegetarians whilst also having to please some die hard meat eaters!!!!

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