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You can't beat a good roast!

Lamb Roast

We love winter! Not that we don’t love summer but after 3 months of it being too hot to put the oven on and about 6 months where you have to think very carefully about how long you want to put on the oven on for, we love it when the weather turns and we have to put the oven on to try and warm the house! Now it’s 10 degrees in the kitchen I don’t need asking twice if I want a Sunday Roast.

Lamb Roast

Now, when I first started cooking in our little house in Denham Street, the first thing we tried was a lamb roast. It is one of the few times I’ve had a complete and utter disaster. I dutifully tried to follow the recipe altering the oven temperatures accordingly, but little did I know we had inherited a dud oven. When I removed the lamb from the oven after it’s allotted cooking time, it was still jelly raw. Not even Graham who likes his meat blue would have eaten it. From that day on we realised we had to either have the oven on or off, the was no middle ground and we always had to extend the cooking times. Anyway, I digress! Well there was a reason for my train of thought. Since my disaster we don’t really roast lamb. We eat lamb, but we tend to BBQ it. So when I saw roast lamb in the book I thought it was about time I gave it another go.  And boy was I glad I did (and so was Graham!).

Caught Red Handed!

Roasted Onions

We had roast lamb with thyme, garlic and apricot and Jamie’s timings were perfect!  I also managed to do two recipes to accompany it, so I’ll have finished book 1 in no time. And the best bit is there were enough left overs for tonight’s dinner, so we’re having roast lamb with butterbean and leek bake, another recipe I would never have tried if it wasn’t for this challenge!

P.s. I’ve just checked the photos and it reminded me that life is too short to stuff an onion, I won’t be repeating that recipe!


Comment from Dave
Time June 16, 2010 at 11:49 pm

Gem made those roasted onions earlier this week and said the exact same thing….they were nice but not worth wasting your life for!

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