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Cooking with Yoghurt Take 2

There is a conspiracy theory out there. Someone or something is determined to get me eating yoghurt.  I was recently given the chance to try another new brand of yoghurt and rather than saying “No, I don’t really like yoghurt” I thought “Why not?”.  I  thought it was time to practice what I preach.  In the real world I am a speech pathologist and I often find myself talking to parents of children who eat a small range of foods that the parents would like to increase.  My mantra is “It takes 14-16 tries to change a taste.”  So if the theory is correct  (it’s not one I made up, but one regarded as accurate in the speech therapy world) I should keep trying yoghurt and one day I might enjoy a whole tub.

Roaming Cow Dairies has introduced a new range of yoghurts that are Australian made and support Australian farmers.  The brand appealed to me because they strive to use the best quality ingredients keeping the good stuff in and not adding the bad stuff. Because there are no artificial thickeners and the tub tells you the cultures that are used I will be able to use this yoghurts as a starter culture for some of my cheese making.

Needless to say I chickened out with flavoured options and stuck with what I know.  I do really like to cook with yoghurt so that is what I did.

I used the Greek Style to make some Labne.  I’ve been wanting to perfect this recipe for a while, turning the dip like product I made before into the more traditional looking Labne balls you can buy in the shops.  This time I followed my recipe with an additional step.  After draining for 24 hours I gently pressed the cheese with a 500g tub of margarine for 24 hours.  Setting the muslin wrapped yoghurt in a cheese mould raised in another tub so the whey could drain away.

This allowed the cheese to firm up to a consistency that I could actually roll it into balls, cover with Sumac then store in olive oil.  This will keep for much longer than the dip style cheese I made before and will make a great addition to my home made cheese boards.

As I’m still trying to eat more healthily I have been adding the low fat Greek yoghurt to dishes instead of cream.  It works in sauces and dressings, like the one for my chicken and egg salad.  You just have to be careful not to boil sauces with yoghurt as they have a tendency to split when heated too high.

And finally I made a highly indulgent blue cheese sauce.  This is the perfect accompaniment at a summer barbeque and I am quite partial to blue cheese in my burgers.  I used the low fat yoghurt, but I’m afraid that doesn’t really cancel out the blue cheese; however, it is much better for you than using cream or mayonnaise.

Blue Cheese Sauce
125g blue cheese
180g Roaming Cow reduced fat Greek style yoghurt
6 spring onions

Chop the blue cheese into small cubes.  In a bowl, stir the blue cheese through the yoghurt and mix until most of the blue cheese is combined.  The mixture will go green when well combined but there should be some blue cheese chunks left to give it some texture.

Finely slice the spring onions, discarding the leafy green tops.  Stir through the yoghurt sauce.

Serve the sauce as a dip, or as a dressing for pork or beef burgers.

Nic Cooks was provided with the Roaming Cow Yoghurt to review.


Comment from Claire @ Claire K Creations
Time December 13, 2012 at 8:10 pm

Nic I didn’t like yoghurt until a few years ago and now I love it! Totally agree that you can warm to flavours. I love the look of your labne balls. I could pop one straight in my mouth!

Comment from nic
Time December 13, 2012 at 8:16 pm

Thanks Claire! There were more Labne balls but they just wouldn’t quite fit in the jar…

Comment from Kyrstie @ A Fresh Legacy
Time December 13, 2012 at 9:10 pm

Those yoghurt balls looks fabulous-and in sumac -yum!. I started making my own yoghurt this year and as there is always some in the fridge now I have started using it in all kinds of things, and as a substitute for mayo, cheese, cream and ice cream. All things I wouldn’t have previously considered.

Comment from Christine @ Cooking Crusade
Time December 14, 2012 at 1:21 pm

I’ve been dying to make labne for awhile – yours looks lovely :)

Comment from nic
Time December 15, 2012 at 6:16 am

Do it Christine! It’s so easy and very satisfying!

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