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Birthday meal courtesy of Nic!

Well it’s fantastic having a wife who loves to cook, especially when your birthday comes around! Luckily for me my birthday also fell the day Nic does her private work each week but, sadly, she didn’t have many clients booked in this week. More time to cook for me!! :)

So here’s a quick run down of what Nic had in store…

Figs and pig

Course 1

Fig wrapped in Prosciutto with balsamic reduction.

Figs are in season – hooray!

A beautiful start – I love figs and I love pigs. What I love even more is thinly sliced pig wrapped around figs.

The sticky balsamic was also lovely – go Nic!


Course 2

Home made Gyoza with soy and chilli dipping sauce.

I love food like this.

In fact we are almost regulars at a chinese dumpling place in Ashfield. Ok, ok – I know Gyoza are Japanese really, but they are at least similar to Chinese dumplings – especially because these are cooked identically to my favourite Chinese ones – with a fried bottom.


Raw fish, yum!

Course 3

Tuna with crispy noodles, herbs and chilli

Raw tuna – give me raw tuna and I’m a VERY happy bunny!

I find almost any excuse to go to the Sydney Fish Markets just to get my grubby paws on sashimi fish – tuna, kingfish, whatever. I’m not fussy.

Just as long as it’s fish, and raw, I’m happy.

Epoisses cheese

Course 4

The best cheese course ever. Bar none. Epoisses cheese with maple syrup

Seriously, the best ever.

We discovered this combination when at a lovely little restaurant/cafe in Surrey Hills called Bentleys where I had it as a desert. Nic chose a chocolate something-or-other if I remember correctly, but I had to guard this cheese with my life once Nic got a small taste of it. It was that good.

Fig & Honey Semifreddo

Course 5

Home made Fig Semifreddo

This has lasted all week so far – quite a treat for mid-week puddings!

We don’t really do puddings, but Nic’s has been practicing recently. This is a beauty – and it’s also great to have stuff like this in the freezer so we can even have puddings mid-week!!

So, in conclusion, I can’t wait until my next birthday!!!!!


Comment from dad
Time October 9, 2010 at 8:41 pm

Fantastic!I could eat virtually all that(still like my Tuna cooked a bit)These photos are professional quality,as is the food,Nichola would definatelly have got into Masterchef with this menu.

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