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Macarons take 2!

Macaroons take 1

A friend recently got some chickens for her garden, and she promised me that once the hens started laying excess eggs I could have some. Well Friday was the day, sitting on my desk when I got to work were 4 of Speckle’s eggs. With freshly laid eggs I had to find a suitable way of appreciating them so I made the Royal Mail inspired egg salad (see last post). But having only used the yolk I couldn’t waste the rest of the egg.  The obvious option for egg whites is meringue, but with only two small whites (Speckle is still a novice layer) I thought I’d have a crack at macarons.

For the first attempt I followed a recipe from the BBC food website, but it was a little vague as to how long you whisk the egg whites for, and I don’t think I did it for long enough judging by the flat results :(

Macaroons take 2

Not one to give up easily, I had another crack at macarons today, but this time I whisked for at least five minutes as I added the caster sugar which made them much stiffer. No collapsing problems today, but they also didn’t form nice smooth tops. They are better, but still not right I think! They do taste good though, and here is the recipe for the cream I made to go in them:

150ml whipping cream
1tblsp Limoncello
1tblsp Greek yoghurt
1tsp caster sugar
strawberries or raspberries

Put the Limoncello in with the cream and whisk until thick. Stir in the yoghurt and caster sugar.

The final result

Chop the strawberries into quarters (don’t worry about chopping raspberries they are small enough) then assemble the macarons. Put a blob of cream on the base of one macaron and carefully place the strawberries/raspberries around the edge, then sandwich the second macaron on top. Repeat until all of the macarons are complete.

Please note that these quantities are a vague guess and made enough cream for 6 macarons for someone who is not really a cream lover! You may need to adjust the quantities to suit your own taste!


Comment from dad
Time October 9, 2010 at 8:27 pm

The Macaroons that I used to buy from the bakers when I was very young were always flatish with a slight dome,they had an almond stuck into the top,they always had a cracked surface and a piece of rice paper on the bottom,a wee bit sticky in the centre,lovely!

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