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Copper Chimney, Harris Park

I have a good friend who is also a bit of a foodie, and this month, having recently returned from a lengthy stint living overseas, she decided to organise a series of dinners themed around different Sydney food spots.  As one of Australia’s newest citizens I can vouch for the fact that 24% of Australian Citizens were not born in Australia. This makes Sydney a very multicultural city with an amazing array of awesome eating opportunities. So we kicked off the food tour with Indian, and where else in Sydney would you go for a decent curry but Harris Park.

I have to confess that although I knew that Harris park was the best place in Sydney to go for a curry, and it is just down the road from us, I have never actually ventured out there. The Sydney Food Tour was exactly the kick up the backside I needed to get out there.  The destination of choice was the Copper Chimney. A small, but one of the more upmarket curry houses in Harris Park, and a recommendation of said friends Indian work colleague. The Copper Chimney rates itself as a fine dining establishment.  I’m not sure I would place it in my fine dining category, but it was definitely a little fancier than your average curry house.

There were 13 of us, which makes it a little tricky for ordering food, so we decided to go for a bit of a free for all in the hope that we’d all be full at the end of it. There were five entrees.  Cocktail Vegetable Samosas; Tandoori Chicken Copper Style; Mushroom Stuffed; Papri Chaat; Shami Kebab. I did also order some popadoms, as to me, a curry isn’t complete without gorging on popadoms to start, but this dish never eventuated, which was probably a blessing in disguise as no-one was hungry at the end.

We ordered ten main course between us. This was also a bit of a free for all, but we did end up with a good selection of meat and vegetables ranging from mild to spicy hot. There was Lamb Rogan Josh; Lamb Shank Curry; Goat Saagwala; Creamy Chicken; Malai Kofta; Lamb Saagwala and a few others that will always remain nameless; all accompanied by a bounty of rice and naan.

To my surprise there were more dishes than normal that I could eat and enjoy.  Even the Lamb Rogan Josh, which I would normally consider too hot for my delicate palate was enjoyable for me.  Which lead me to think that the more hardy curry eaters in the group may have been disappointed.

The best part about eating with a large group of people is you get to sample dishes that you wouldn’t ordinarily order. I was certainly more adventurous in my curry tasting and enjoyed those adventures greatly. I am sit here typing this with the laptop perched on my curry bulge, so there was definitely more than enough to go round.

The final bill left us spending $22 a head. This included rice, naan, and some drinks and corkage.  And the verdict is? Flavoursome curries, if a little on the mild side even for me.  Good value for money with prompt service. I will forgive them the missing popadoms, just this once, as we didn’t really need them, but next time I will assert my right to my favourite dish.

Thank you Ev for organising such a good night out and I look forward to trying some other authentic cuisines that can be found around Sydney.

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Comment from Graham
Time September 12, 2011 at 7:22 am

Probably the best Indian curry I’ve had in Sydney – will definitely go back to Harris Park to investigate some more Indian eateries!

Comment from Linda
Time September 12, 2011 at 8:36 am

Oooh, weve never been there before! We tend to frequent Spice or Taj. Taj is 100% veggie and in my oppinion have THE BEST samosas I have ever had…and their tamarind dipping sauce is to die for and the kids like their dosas. They also have a huge range of sweets.
Waiting eagerly for your Cabramatta review as that is somewhere else we like to go…but I bet you dont eat where we do 😉

Comment from Gaby
Time September 12, 2011 at 9:14 am

$22 for all that food plus drinks?! Bargain!

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