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Tropical Paradise: Mango and Passion Fruit Cheesecake

This months Sweet Adventures Blog Hop has a tropical theme for summer.  Hosted by Nic from Dining with a Stud, she challenged us to make a dessert fit for a tropical paradise.

Tropical and exotic are kind of interchangeable in my world.  If we’re talking fruits, we’re talking all of those fruit that were not readily available growing up in the UK. The first dish I ever cooked in my high school home economics class was pineapple upside down cake.  Despite the pineapples coming from a tin I still classed it as an exotic, tropical fruit cake.  I toyed with the idea of recreating this dish, but I do not look back fondly on my high school cooking days.

Nic Cooks Mango and Passion fruit Cheesecake-3With pineapple upside down cake disregarded, it started me thinking about mango and passion fruit.  Two fruits I hadn’t eaten fresh before moving Down Under.  The other consideration was the health benefits.  I love cheesecake, but it’s not the healthiest dessert in the world.  So with a bit of tweaking, I was able to reduce the calorie content, and make a cheesecake that contains about 40% less calories than a typical serve of cheesecake.  With your average slice of cheesecake containing 383 Calories per slice, mine weighs in at a slightly healthier 226 Calories per slice. Although I cannot claim it to be healthy, I can claim it is healthier than a typical slice of cheesecake. Despite it’s sightly healthier claims, it also tastes pretty good too.

Nic Cooks Mango and Passion fruit Cheesecake-6Mango and Passion Fruit Cheesecake (serves 12)
60g Nice biscuits
60g rolled oats
60g almond meal
60g butter, melted

250g tinned mango
250g light cream cheese
250g light Ricotta cheese
180g Low fat Greek yoghurt
1/2 tsp vanilla bean paste
75g caster sugar
3 large eggs, beaten
4 passion fruit

Pre-heat oven to 160 Degrees Celsius.  Grease a 22cm loose bottom, round, springform tin.

Start by making the base. Break up the biscuits and put them in a food processor.  Pulse until they look like bread crumbs.  Remove from the food processor and do the same with the rolled oats to break them up a bit. Return the biscuit crumbs to the processor with the oats and add the almond meal. Add the melted butter to the crumb mixture and pulse briefly until they are all combined, and there are no dry bits left in the mixture.

Press the crumb mixture into the bottom of the pan. Bake in the oven for 10 minutes then allow to cool.

Put the mango pieces into a food processor and blitz until it forms a smooth puree.  Put the cream cheese and ricotta into the bowl of a stand mixer and mix briefly to combine. Add the yoghurt, vanilla bean paste, caster sugar and continue to mix until smooth. Be careful not to over mix as it can become quite loose.  Ensure the eggs are well beaten, then add to the cheese mixture and mix until combined.  This should thicken the mixture slightly.

Pour the cheese mixture onto the cooled biscuit base and bake in the oven for 1 hour.  After 1 hour it should be set, with a slight wobble in the middle.  Turn off the oven and allow it to cool in the oven with the door open slightly, for 1 hour.  This was the general consensus from an number of recipes I read, apparently it stops the cheesecake from cracking.  Mine still cracked a tiny bit, I can only imagine what would happen without this stage, and I wasn’t prepared to risk it.

Nic Cooks Mango and Passion fruit Cheesecake-4To serve, scrape the flesh and seeds from the four passion fruit. Pass 3 of the fruits through the sieve, reserving the juice and discarding the seeds. Keep the seeds from 1 fruit, mixing with the juice of the rest of the fruits.

Drizzle the juice and seed mixture of the top of the cheesecake and chill until ready to serve.



Comment from Nic @diningwithastud
Time January 28, 2013 at 6:40 pm

I’m all about a dessert with a lower calorie content 😉 looks fab! Thanks for joining the hop!

Comment from Claire @ Claire K Creations
Time January 28, 2013 at 7:31 pm

Love that you health-ified it Nic. That means I can have two slices right?

Comment from JJ – 84thand3rd
Time January 29, 2013 at 1:19 pm

Only fitting you included cheese ;D Love the addition of ricotta and yoghurt too, this sounds delicious!

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